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How to have a baby and launch an art business

June 11, 2017

Believe it or not, but I became a mumpreneur.  Yep, you heard it right.


My husband and I decided to open an online art shop PickArtHome back in January this year. 

Looking for a new creative project and wishing to adjust our lifestyle to welcome our baby boy, we decided to set it up to share our collection of prints and photographs with like-minded people.

Taking a plunge into a big and scary business world has not been an easy ride, but it is very much do-able. It's too early to say whether we are going to be successful, but we are working very hard to make it work.


I took an early maternity leave, so two of us could do all the prep work at the beginning of the year before Tom's arrival.

Our background is wide-ranging. My husband is a filmmaker, visual artist, and lecturer turned creative entrepreneur. His focus was mainly the art work as well as the site.

As my background is in market research and marketing, I concentrated on writing a business plan, which included doing a competitors review, and a cashflow and marketing plan.

Both of us did a business start up course and numerous online tutorials about price strategy and book-keeping...things that you would normally run away from.


When Tommy joined us in February, we were forced to take a break, as you can imagine, but when we settled into our new routine two months later, we were back on it. 

It's been crazy sometimes. Half-asleep watching some online tutorials or checking social media in between feeding the baby. There were days when I could not help out at all, but I was constantly thinking about our venture, noting down marketing ideas or typing a website copy on my phone when the baby was sleeping. I'm so happy I got an opportunity to do that as I felt I was using my brain and learning so many new skills I can now add to my market research CV.


We launched PickArtHome in mid-May and we are making steady progress learning as we go along. I would like to say thank you to all my friends who took time to review our site and give us advice; you know who you are.

I also reached out to a few small business owners/bloggers. Special thank you to Hollie at MiaFleur who took time to reply to my emails asking for business hints and tips. Her advice has been very helpful and saved us time, and probably money.

I will share my business tips in the future, so watch this space.


Let me tell you now a bit more about our start-up.



PickArtHome is an independent, online art shop offering a selection of unique, contemporary photographs and digital prints for homes and businesses seeking creative flair.


Each piece has a story behind it and has been carefully selected to appeal to people passionate about contemporary art and culture.


We strongly believe that art should be inclusive, therefore anyone passionate about original art pieces and interiors, regardless of their background, should be able to find something for themselves on our site. Whether you are starting your art collection or expanding your current one, PickArtHome aims to inspire you and help you make your space creative and original.


We offer limited and open edition high quality giclée prints for home owners and trade professionals who want to make a statement and who want to support independent artists.



Please check PickArtHome Collections and let me know your thoughts. It’s just a beginning for us, so please follow our creative start-up to find out more.


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Photography: Monika and Stephen Pick.


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