About me

Hello and welcome! My name is Monika and I've been blogging about interior design, contemporary culture, and travel since 2012.

My blogging adventure was triggered by the renovation of our first home, a full of character 19th-century Victorian cottage in Essex. The house was truly beautiful and quirky, and after over 9 years of living there, doing lots of DIY and redecorating, we decided to move to our new home. Read here about our SecretGardenHome journey.

The new house was built in 1937 and it's huge in comparison to our previous one. We are much closer to the park and still only 10mins to the train station. You'll hear more about 1930s house renovation in the coming months and probably years. I might call it a SecretGreenDoor for now. 


By day, I’m a very respectable (wink) market researcher (No, I don’t stand in the street with a clipboard) working for a big media company in London.

At night and weekend, I’m an amateur decorator, designer, stylist and gardener, learning as I go along.


We got married in 2016, and after a long wait, 3 years ago, we became parents to a cheeky boy.


To make life even more interesting, we decided to set up our first creative business during my maternity leave in 2017 – PickArtHome.  I suppose I’ll be able to call myself a ‘mumpreneur’ (seriously, who comes with these names!). The business is on the back burner at the moment.

My plan is to devote SecretGardenHome blog to three areas:

Design and interior, Travel and Lifestyle.


Hope you enjoy my blog and stay in touch.



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